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Browns and blues for your living room?

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Blue is one of the current “it” colours in home décor. Whereas blue and brown have been used worldwide, it is a rare combination in Kenya. We tend to rush to yellows, beiges, oranges and gold whenever the colour brown is mentioned.

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Blues and browns, when used together tend to bring the outdoors indoor. Think of the blue sky, brown sand. These two are really a match made in heaven. Today we explore the different ways of infusing these two colours into your design theme.

Colour palette

First things first, pick a palette you would love to work with. Is your lead colour going to be blue or brown? Once you pick the lead colour, decide how much of the second colour you will need. For instance if you pick a lighter shade of brown, you will pair it with darker shades of blue and vice versa.

Then pick the accent colours you would like to work with, if your blue has yellow undertones, colours that are yellow or appear to have some yellow will be perfect match. If your blue has red undertones, purple, burgundy and shades of pink will work best.

Blue wall or blue sofa?

If you ask me, I will say go with a blue wall, in any hue of your preference. Why? It is always easier to put a fresh coat of paint than it is to re-upholster seats. It is also much easier to redecorate around neutral-coloured upholstered furniture. On the other hand, if you are daring and a blue sofa sounds amazing to you, go girl!

Blue wallpaper

You can never go wrong with wallpaper. Blue wallpaper on an accent wall in an interesting print will bring life and drama into your space. Fuse this together with complimenting shades of brown to tone down or give life to your wallpaper.

Accents that work with blue and brown

This is where you make or break it. If you had picked your furniture colour and your wall colour, the rest of the colours on the palette go on the accenting pieces. Tie the room together with complimenting vases, garden stools, pillows, lamps and wall art. Throw in a few neutral pieces in whites and beiges to ground your room and keep you from going overboard. A rug with a print that carries the colours on your palette will create a cohesive look for your living room.

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