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Breastfeeding selfies: Do you think it's OK to share #brelfies on social media?

African mother breastfeeding baby

A woman has appeared on national TV championing the ‘brelfie’ - the breastfeeding selfie.

Emma Taylor says posting such snaps on social media is a great way of celebrating special moments with her two children.

Appearing on ITV’s This Morning, the mum-of-two was quizzed about why she shares the breastfeeding pictures online.

Hitting back, she said: “Why not? I don’t just post breastfeeding pictures.”

“You can’t see a lot because the baby is in the way,” she says before asking if it’s OK for girls to flaunt their flesh in newspapers and magazines, why is a little bit of breast not OK?

But broadcaster and columnist Angela Epstein disagreed, saying it’s simply “attention seeking spectacle”.

Angela believes it should be kept private, despite endorsing breastfeeding.

“It’s natural to make a baby, would you post that on social media?”

The concept of a brelfie was mostly met with a positive reaction by viewers, with lots of mums even sending in their own pictures.

“I don’t see a problem with mothers posting pictures of their babies breastfeeding it’s not illegal so I think it’s ok!” one viewer shared on Twitter.

"If you wish to post photos go for it, I have taken photos to keep to cherish."

"Thanks @itvthismorning - breastfeeding in public is NORMAL and should be normalised!"

But others thought it was silly, writing: “#Brelfie - ridiculous concept. I get people may need to feed their child in public, but picture themselves doing it? No need.”

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