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Cindy drops the bombshell


There is no better state of mind like when you are drunk enough to not care about your actions, but conscious enough to know what you are doing.

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The whisky you have been drinking is firing up your bloodstream and you really want to get to the bottom of the matter at hand. Cindy is on the receiving end of the phone. You excuse yourself as you walk to the quieter and more serene car parking.

You apologise to Cindy who is still hurt by the way things turned out. She is curt at first, but you soothe her tactfully. The strategy is to set her against her friend who clearly stabbed her in the back when everything was almost working. Cindy may not be as attractive as Carol, but she has a far much better personality; but looks always win.

"Your friend is not a good friend," you tell her after the pleasantries. She listens as you accuse Carol about the coup she pulled on her and why you regret meeting her.

"I have no problem, it is fine, I moved on," she says and it feels like she is stonewalling you. You put some charm.

"You know Cindy, I know what we did was wrong, but I want us to remain friends. Special friends, I just want you to tell me one thing?"

You pause. You can hear her breathing. You can smell her anxiety.

"I have tried finding out what kind of a woman your friend is, but I have failed. Could you even just give me a clue."

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"What is it you want to know exactly?" she asks.

"As in who is she. I just know you and I believe we good buddies. Just tell me, anything I should be worried about..."

This is a such a stupid request. I mean, you don't 'dump' a woman, stick with a friend who introduced you and expect to dig information from her... But you are banking on her possible hatred for Carol to say something incredible.

"I can't say much, but what I know, she likes men with money. All her boyfriends have been rich. You know her lifestyle..."

"Really! Isn't she independent?"

You can feel her snicker.

"Pretender. She even separated with her baby daddy and put the poor guy on child support..."

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"You mean she has a baby..." you ask her incredulously.

"What do you mean, she has not told you?"

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You go weak in the knee. You don't hear what she says in the next five minutes. You feel cheated on. You always suspected women with guarded lives. Where is the baby?

You finish the phone call and Cindy asks you to never ever sell her out. You walk to the back of the bar angry. As you settle for the final swig of your whisky, Paulo asks you why you are upset. You give a cock and bull story about something regarding your pesky boss.

That is what it has come down to. A beautiful single mother with a guarded life who wants to trick you into marriage. Her best friend has said that she is a gold digger.

Decisions. Decisions.


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