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I'm stuck with a woman I don't love and two screaming kids

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A 27-year-old father-of-two explains what it's like to regret having children and feel anger and resentment towards your own son

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Not everyone is cut out for parenthood and some choose to go their whole lives without ever having children.

But what happens when you simply have kids at the wrong time, or with the wrong people?

The father-of-two, who wishes to be known only as Jack, admitted that he blames parenthood for the loss of his friendships and career prospects.

Not only that, but it forced him into a relationship with a woman he doesn't love. Read his full post below to understand why it was such a big mistake for him.

Why I regret becoming a dad

Parenthood is not always the right decision for everyone

"I definitely regret having kids, I find being a parent boring and overly tiring more than anything. It's cost me friendships and arguably my career as well.

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"Back in 2010, when I was 21, I had just finished my second year at university. I had also just split up with my girlfriend.

"However a week after the split she rang and told me she was pregnant. It was a shock as she had been on the pill at the time.

"At that point I didn't know what to do but after mulling things over I said I would stand by her for the child's sake.

"It was definitely through gritted teeth though, I really didn't want to but at the same time didn't want to be a scumbag dad who just ran away.

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"In order to make things work we had to move in together, which again was a pain in the backside.

"She did my head in most days, would constantly whinge and moan because she was hormonal and had heartburn all the time.

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"I struggled to sympathise with her because I knew I didn't love her, most days I couldn't stand to be in the same room as her.

"Whilst I was able to continue my degree I was missing out terribly on uni life. I could never go on nights out anymore and was drifting apart from my friends, who were all free and single.

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"Nonetheless, I just got on with things and put up with being miserable all the time.

"When our son was born it didn't make me happy, just scared at how difficult he would be.

"Soon night feeds and 6am get-ups became the norm and I HATED IT. Some days I would just sit staring at him whilst he screamed for no reason and just felt anger and resentment.

"Even as he got older and settled down it still didn't make me enjoy it, I constantly wanted to be somewhere else. It was like my youth was over and I'd barely had the chance to live it to the max.

"I was able to graduate from university but soon found getting my desired job in TV or Radio was so difficult. Unless you lived in London, jobs in this field were scarce.

"A year went by and I got nowhere, so in the end I just gave up and went for a normal, dead-end job just to pay the bills

"The situation with my 'girlfriend' was a strange one as well. Although we were living together, it was just as parents - not in a proper relationship - but on the outside and to other people we had to pretend we were a couple.

"My initial plan was to eventually move out and live on my own at some point, but after six years now it's never been financially viable.

"Not to mention the fact that she fell pregnant again in 2014 (this time whilst on the coil) and gave birth to my daughter last year.

"She has been an absolute nightmare. She's had all sorts of problems ranging from a floppy larynx to reflux to being constantly bunged up. Basically, anything that affects her sleep.

"Even though she's nine months old, we are lucky if we get four hours sleep a night. It's hell.

"I'm so tired all the time and getting up to work a rubbish job just makes things worse.

"So basically I'm stuck living with a woman I don't love and two screaming kids who don't give me a moments' peace.

"To put it simply: I wish I'd got a vasectomy at 16."

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