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Mount your TV without visible wires


The flat screen TV provided the perfect opportunity for décor enthusiasts all over the world to ditch the dreaded 'wall unit' and embrace a cleaner, minimalist look for their television areas, which are more often than not the focal points in living rooms.

With the flat screen TV, you can choose to place your TV on a modern, low-lying TV stand or mount your television on the wall. But with the second option comes a dilemma that is not only mind-boggling but also quite annoying. Why couldn’t someone just invent a cable-less flat screen TV?


Unfortunately, if there is such a thing, you probably don’t have it so you’re stuck with the problem of an unsightly mass of wires coming out the bottom or sides of your perfectly mounted (or so you think) TV.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Here are a few ways you can hide or disguise those hideous cables.


1. You need to get a wall mount, and not just any; you need the right size. If you didn’t get a wall mount with your TV, you can find them in electronic stores and supermarkets that stock electronic goods.

2. Know your TV size so you can get the right size mount. Most wall mount kits come with two mounting arms that attach to the back of your TV and a wide bracket plate, which attaches to your wall.

3. Determine how high you want to place your TV. Sit on your most comfortable sofa and fix your eyes on a comfortable space where you don’t strain your neck even in a lying-down position.

4. Decide what you want to do with your wiring. If you have a stone wall or you live in a rental, drilling holes in the wall will probably not be an option. Your best bet would be to run wires along the wall and cover them with conduit.

5. If you plan to rent for a while, it may be best to invest in furniture that will do the mounting and hiding for you.


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