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I am starting to look at other women because my libido is greater than my wife’s

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I feel so frustrated because even though she’ll dress up to look sexy, it only happens between us when she feels the urge

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Dear Coleen

I’ve been married for 13 years. Our relationship is great, but my sex drive is higher than my wife’s.

It has now become a problem because I’m starting to look at other women – and I get the urge to visit hookers. I feel very frustrated.

What do I do? She will dress up to look sexy, but she only wants sex when she feels the urge.

Otherwise she says she’s tired or has a headache.

Coleen says

I think you have to explain to her how serious the problem is.

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The thing is, once sex becomes an issue it becomes unsexy, and if she thinks that all you want is sex and you don’t understand her needs, then she’ll start to resent you and won’t want to do it.

Ask yourself honestly if you’re putting in enough effort to make her feel sexy and attractive. She’ll want to feel that you want sex because you love her and fancy her, not just because you want sex.

If you have the conversation and she admits she’s just not that into sex, then you have to decide what you want to do.

Are you prepared to stay in a relationship where your sex drive isn’t compatible with your partner’s?

But the answer isn’t to sneak around sleeping with other women behind your wife’s back – tell her how you feel.

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