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Why you should encourage your man to check his crown jewels

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A new study shows 40% of men would rather go on a dreaded clothes shopping trip with their missus than visit their doctor about problems down below – proving most men will do almost anything to get out of talking about their sexual health.

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Even more worryingly, a further 23% would rather have painful root canal treatment than discuss these issues. Just what is it about their nether regions that men find so tough to open up about?

Women are no strangers to discussing our girlie bits – after all, we have childbirth, periods, smear tests and the menopause to contend with!

It’s no secret men’s sex drive wanes with time, but doctors warn against putting down changes in libido, sexual performance and toilet habits to the ageing process alone.

Only 4 in 10 men speak to their partners about their physical or mental wellbeing.

"Men are not very good at talking about their health, and, past 50, it’s often the things men tend to be most embarrassed about that start to go wrong – things like erectile dysfunction, which is sadly often perceived as a failure of masculinity," says Dr Christian.

Creating a reassuring environment to discuss his health is key, so Dr Christian has a quirky tip on how to broach tough topics: "Wait until you’re in the car, and you’re in the driving seat. When you’re side-by-side in a car, it’s a nice way of legitimately avoiding eye contact and this can make an embarrassing subject less awkward."

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