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The years are flying by...

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So UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has raised alarm over the rising temperatures on earth and here I am freezing my behind off and wondering when July will end. Meanwhile, Facebook has introduced a feature that lets you look back at the updates you made a year or years ago.

Thanks to the new feature, I stumbled on what I posted on random July days a few years back and again about a year or so ago. Of course, I was complaining about the weather. It's what I do when the temperature falls a little. I am one of those who people like to refer to as "cold blooded" but I've never warmed up (pun intended) to that label.

"People have scarves and jackets on and they're still walking around with their arms folded like mummies (I'm one of them). Geez, are we in Africa or the North Pole. What's that again about the North Pole moving closer? They'd better take it off the "theory" list," is what I typed in my status update on July 6, 2009.

And then the chorus of replies came. Annoying replies, mostly from men who were claiming that it wasn't that cold. "Then why is it that I can see my breath?" I replied. Really, I'm yet to meet a man who would admit that they are cold. My husband is one of them. He denies it and then promptly puts on a jacket.

So if men never get cold then I will swear that women only pretend to like flowers. That they will smile at a bouquet and sneer at it when no one is looking. It's not only a lie but it's just downright impossible.

So about that feature on Facebook. It serves many purposes and one of them is to remind you how fast the years are rolling by. A colleague mentioned that the death of Steve Jobs, the American personal computer revolutionist occurred in 2011. Not last year and not in 2013 either. It left my mouth wide open.

My younger daughter also just turned two and I'm amazed that it only seemed like yesterday when I brought her home from the hospital. So as you make those memories, remember that they just might be they had better be good memories.

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