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What your soul craves


Lately, I've been thinking about gardening a lot. I haven't gardened much in my lifetime. I spent most of my growing-up years on a farm but I was away at school during the day for most of the year. When I was at home for the holidays, yes, I would spend time in the garden, but I would be sitting under a tree or one of the garden seats reading a book.

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Then I spent my high school and college years surrounded by gardens and lawns. But I was holed up inside buildings and rarely even got the chance to look out of the window.

Now as a journalist, I find myself typing and clicking away on my desk, hardly getting a chance to even glance out the window at the sky – except when I'm checking if it's going to rain or if the traffic jam is building up.

So lately, yes, gardens and gardening have been on my mind a lot. I didn't even realise I like gardening until the other day when I tried my hand at it. I spent hours preparing a flowerbed to plant some herbs including aloe vera and rosemary.

I am a big fan of fresh herbs and spices, but my experience with them has been limited to my mother's and mother-in-law's garden, the green groceries section in the supermarket and the farmers' market that I go to every Saturday. Apparently, I recently grew a green thumb because I've been trying my luck in growing the herbs myself.

I didn't know that gardening is what my body, mind and soul have been craving all these years. I only realised it when I felt the sticky mud on my fingers and the gentle rays of the sun on my neck and back as I tilled the soil and pulled up weeds. I can't wait to do it again.

Have you found your passion or your craving in life? If you haven't, you won't find out until you go and look out for it. The oldest barefoot water-skier in the world was George Alfred Blair or Banana George, who began his barefoot water-skiing career at 40 (skied till he was 90). He is famous for saying, "Don't wait for the next thing, make the next thing happen!"

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