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5 reasons why worrying is not good for you

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5 reasons why worrying is not good for you

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By Joy Carole (www.joycarole.com)

I have lost count of the times worry played a part in making my life difficult. From worrying about how I would cover my ass after failing a math test, to being concerned with what some people would think of a certain update I put on Facebook. I let my mind feed on anxiety brought about by people’s opinions and the bad situations I was going through.

Regrettably, I never had the intellect to figure out what all these had molded me into. It took time, fights, putting myself in other people’s shoes; a few reasons and maturity to understand that worry has more cons than pros. If you are like me; a person who sweats the small stuff, over-thinks situations, breaks a sweat over things that will come to pass and even loses sleep over what is yet to come, you need to stop it because…

1. Worry magnifies problems

Worry will make you bite off more than you can chew. As it grows, so does your view towards the problem or situation. You will end up viewing a simple misunderstanding as the end of the world. If you want to see a problem as it is, quit worrying.

2. It impedes thinking

Worrying will make you spend a lot of time being anxious; therefore making it difficult to use the available resources in dealing with whatever you are going through. As much as it may seem impossible, pull yourself together, seek solutions by talking to people who went through similar issues and see to it that your life moves on.

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Think about your next step, not what should or should not have happened. Over-thinking or panicking will only make you lose motivation to carry on and in such cases, you will be washed out.

3. Worry churns negativity

At most times, worrying will make you see your inadequacies, beat yourself up and if you keep up with it, you will be walking around with lots of negativity. Your mindset determines how you will handle the situation at hand.

It will either push you, make you move on or stay at that point with your problems. Remember, nothing constructive ever comes out of a negative perspective.

4. Worry stops you from learning

Your preoccupation with worry makes it difficult for you to see the silver lining on the cloud hanging above your head. The negativity, struggle and stress brought about by it will make you focus on all that but not the lessons you ought to learn. If you don’t learn, you might end up being in the same situation again.

5. It affects your health

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Worry will make you sick. It could be gastritis, ulcers, migraines or even alcohol or drug dependency to calm yourself down. Make that sudden stop and think about your well-being. Sometimes you just have to let go of anxiety to give for your peace of mind. If you stick to worrying, be ready to handle the illnesses that trail it.

Take it from someone recovering from chronic worrying; it never improves on a situation. Don’t sweat the small stuff particularly if there is nothing you can do about the situation.

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All you have to do is look for solutions, how to prevail over the circumstances you are going through and learn more about yourself from it.

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