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Glam wedding: My period confirmed he's the one

Mary Muthoni with Godwin Mbizvo on their big day

BRIDE: Mary Muthoni

GROOM: Godwin Mbizvo


DATE: May 2, 2015

VENUE: Nairobi Gospel Assemblies Church, Ruaraka

PHOTO SHOOT: Utalii Hotel

BUDGET: Sh500,000


Godwin: I first saw her in church in 2009 and admired her calm demeanor from a distance. Sometime later when we were at a fellowship, her brother - Washington - introduced her to me and even gave a speech of how beautiful she was. I felt that he had prophetically handed her to me since I was in the middle of a 21-day prayer and fasting period asking for God to show me or lead me to the lady I was to spend the rest of my life with. We barely talked much after that.

Mary: Later, we met in a matatu on our way to town and we exchanged pleasantries. Being from Zimbabwe, he was not familiar with where he was going but when I tried showing him the direction, he was stubborn and insisted on going the opposite way. He ultimately got lost and had to trace his steps back. On yet another day, we met at a seminar in town. It was then that I asked for his number with a promise to call, but never did. I thought it was wise to have his number since I had everyone's number at the seminar apart from his.

Godwin: I waited three months before she called.


Mary: In 2010, as he was walking me home – since we live in the same neighbourhood – he told me that I had all the qualities he was looking for in a wife. He then asked if I would marry him. I said yes. We had the engagement party five years later in January 5, 2015.

Godwin: I was not sure how she was going to take it, so before I approached her, I had to pray about it.


Godwin: In June 2012, my work contract in Kenya ended and I had to return home to Zimbabwe and for a year, I had no job.

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Mary: In that period, our love was really tested. The distance and his lack of a job was not helping the situation. In just that year, about ten of our friends had already gotten married, and I was losing hope. Then I decided to go on a 21-day prayer and fasting period. I asked God to show me a sign that he was really the one I was to marry. The sign was that He would bring back my menses, because I had not seen them for more than a year and it had really bothered me. On the third day of my fast, I had my menses and I knew for sure he was the one for me. My hope was restored and I stopped comparing myself to other couples.

Godwin: In 2013, I got a job in South Africa and in 2014, I came to Kenya to see Mary's parents officially. On the day of paying the dowry, we set the wedding date for May 2, 2015 by faith, since we did not have a single coin to fund the wedding.

Mary: I pray about everything. One day as I was praying about my wedding, I recalled a dream I had during my 21-day prayer and fasting period in 2012. In the dream, I saw Godwin and I saw the colours hot pink and purple and I knew those would be my wedding theme colours. I did further research on the colours just to understand their significance. I found out that hot pink signifies love and romance and purple is for royalty. I am also passionate about the arts, which drove me to design my dress and those of my bridesmaids. I also did my own make-up and that of my maids since I am a trained cosmetologist.


Godwin: Give your relationship time to be tried and tested, so it can develop roots and subsequently grow strong. This is because from a man's point of view, men are visual and the first thing they feel for any girl is infatuation. If you give in at this infatuation level, which is a stage of pure physical attraction, you are likely to end up in sex and the relationship is bound to end. But if you give time for the infatuation to mature into love, then you will discover the hidden treasure within your partner. I advise couples to take at least a year to know each other.

Mary: Involve God in your relationship. Seek direction from Him in everything. Also, to the ladies; avoid putting off guys based on their looks. Give them a chance and focus on what is inside.

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