Evewoman : Couples don't have to agree on everything but a goal is important

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Couples don't have to agree on everything but a goal is important

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Couples don't have to agree on everything but a goal is important

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According to Gavin Oyas, a personal development coach and soft skills trainer, most men feel intimidated by women who are empowered both emotionally and financially.

To them, this comes out as a threat because most women with these qualities make their own decisions. This, therefore, threatens to take their roles as decision makers in the house.

That is why most men now want equality even in settling of family bills. They argue that if women can feel equally powerful in the house, they must also chip in when it comes to paying bills.

In regards to conjugal rights, he says that men have played a role in their wives' failure to accord them their conjugal rights. The same men who want their wives to work all round are the same who demand for conjugal rights.

Most women who are career women go to school part time, this means they can only get home too late to even carry out any house chores. These same women are expected to cook for their husbands and feed their children after which they are expected to perform bedroom duties.

Men should realise that women are not machines, just like them, they get tired too. It takes two to tango, marriage is like peddling a bicycle; both parties need to support each other in order for the marriage to be successful.

He equally mentioned that women are sometimes to be blamed for misunderstandings. As it is, these days there are a number of women who earn more than their spouses and this makes them feel superior thus looking down on them. Whatever the case, wives must realise that the man remains the head of the family and should be accorded the respect he needs regardless of how much he earns.

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According to Gavin, it is important for a couple to attend counselling classes before and even after marriage. This will help them understand each other and enable them blend as one towards the same goal. What breaks most marriages is the different goals and views that each person carries with them into a marriage.

A couple does not have to agree on everything, but it is at least important for them to work towards one main goal.

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