Evewoman : When baby does not like her teacher

When baby does not like her teacher

Baby does not like teacherOnce upon a time, there was a madam called teacher Chege who left a powerful imprint in my daughter’s life. Wow! Tasha loved teacher Chege to bits. It was teacher Chege this, teacher Chege that.

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Teacher Chege’s word was law. If teacher said two plus two is five, there was no way you would convince baby girl that it is four. I mean teacher’s word was law. If she pronounced the word ‘three’ as ‘dhree’ that was final.

My daughter simply loved her nursery school teacher. This woman connected with her so well; she was almost like her second mother. For me, being the ever-busy career mom I am, I welcomed this love and fascination.

Why? It made my work easier. Because of this motherly woman, Tasha loved school, schoolwork and every morning was a celebration as she looked forward to going to class. Thanks to teacher Chege school was fun and fabulous. However, that smooth ear-tickling fairy tale happened last year. Enter 2014 and baby girl’s new teacher is Ruth. My Oh my! Baby girl totally dislikes this no-nonsense, straight shooting teacher.

Since she reported to school a few weeks ago, our morning conversation has been something like this, “Mummy I am not going to school today. Teacher Ruth is very mean; she hits my hands with a ruler and gives us a lot of classwork. She does not even allow us to go to the toilet.”

Now I have made an effort to go to that school to see this new teacher my daughter sees as a monster. The woman may lack the motherly tendencies of the darling teacher Chege, but according to my judgment, she is not that bad. She is just a bit more stern and strict bearing in mind that the children are no longer babies. But my daughter hates her and that translates to her hating the school. Now the girl even suggested to me to return her to Teacher Chege’s class in nursery.  She does not know that this means repeating nursery while the rest are in Pre Unit. She does not care all she wants is Teacher Chege.

Now I have spoken to the school administrator and she has explained to me that the attachment to a teacher is normal and it will soon wane off. I have faith that — like all mummy challenges — this too will pass.

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