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Why weekly beauty treatments are important

Facial treatmentTaking time to pamper yourself improves your appearance, renews your spirit and relaxes your mind. Choose one day a week when you can do beauty treatments.

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1. Manicure

It takes about 30 minutes to file your nails, work on the cuticles, massage some oil and paint them. If you would prefer not to paint them, a coat of clear polish will go a long way in making you look presentable. If time and cost is not an issue, have your nails professionally done at the salon.

2. Deep conditioning treatment

A deep conditioning treatment for your hair is one of the must-do beauty treatments each week, although depending on the condition of your hair, you may do this every two weeks. It keeps your hair soft, smooth and healthy. For better results, wrap a warm towel around your head or go under the dryer for ten minutes.

3. Facial mask

There are many different types of facial masks you can choose from. They range from cleansing to moisturising to evening out your skin tone. Apart from being relaxing and easy to use, they are calming to your skin. They also brighten your complexion and nourish the skin. Your skin should feel smoother and cleaner after a face mask.

4. Foot soak

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Our feet take a lot of abuse. Immersing your feet in warm water is soothing to your muscles, hydrates your skin, relieves aches and pains, and is a nice way to relax. Add some Epsom salts to flush out toxins and get rid of foot odour. Applying a lotion or cream created especially for your feet will make them even softer.

5. Body exfoliation

Using an exfoliating body scrub feels very pampering on the body. You can make your own scrub by mixing brown sugar with olive oil, or using oatmeal or ground coffee mixed with olive oil. Exfoliation gets rid of dead skin to reveal fresh, brighter skin underneath.

6. Teeth whitening

Use a little bicarbonate of soda to brighten your smile. Dip your toothbrush in bicarbonate of soda and brush as normal. Do this once a week to maintain your beautiful smile.

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