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Tips on how pregnant women can treat their hair during pregnancy

Hair tips for pregnant womenHere are some tips on how to treat your hair during pregnancy;

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• Going natural is the best option. Some women prefer to keep their hair chemicalised or dyed, but it is always good to consult a doctor since some of these chemicals could be harmful to the foetus; especially in the first trimester. Ensure your hairdresser knows that you are pregnant.

• Seek a suitable hairstyle. Due to varying mood swings, some women will want to cut their hair for easier maintenance. Even as you choose your style, keep in mind that you will not be pregnant forever, so you need a style that will still look good even after birth. If you are losing hair, choose a style that adds volume to your hair.

•Adjust to the changes accordingly. At one point your hair will feel dry, while at others, it will be greasy. During such times, adjust the hair oils you use accordingly.

• Eat healthy as nutrition is also key. In as much as you may be losing your hair due to hormonal changes, nutritional deficiency could also play a role in the same. Pregnant women crave for more iron, protein, iodine, zinc and folic acid, and these are likely to run low if you have not improved your diet during pregnancy.

• Avoid any chemicals on your hair. Choose hair products wisely by carefully reading all the labels.

• The best time to pamper yourself is during pregnancy. Go for a rejuvenating scalp massage frequently.

It is worth noting that heavy hair loss, especially along the hairline, is very normal after childbirth.

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