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Trendsetters: PR Guru Cynthia Nyamai

Cynthia Nyamai

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NAME: Cynthia Nyamai

CAREER: PR Guru and TV host

STATUS: Single

AGE: 31

What gains do you think womenfolk have achieved from a few decades ago?

Women have realised that they do not have to be equal with men. We have our space and we are taking it up.


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Do you think it’s important for a woman to be financially independent?

Yes! Money gives you the power to run the show. Also, financially independent women are good financial backups for family. They contribute financially to the society and economy.


How are you ensuring that your future is secured financially?

I started my own company, I tithe and I’m also investing in real estate.


How are you planning to achieve your career aspirations?

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My company is already in six countries in Africa, but I want to conquer more nations. I want to sit at the table where the major decisions on Africa are made.


What does spirituality mean to you?

My spiritual life is the most important. It keeps me grounded, so I have a personal relationship with Jesus. I serve and attend Nairobi Chapel, and I also belong to an E group that meets at my home every Thursday. I recently started a small Bible group for career women and we meet once a month.


Define a beautiful woman?

Beauty is from within, and a woman who is truly a beautiful person looks great just hanging out and being herself in a pair of sweatpants and no make-up on. ‘Do I consider myself beautiful?’ That’s a big yes!


How do you unwind?

I spend time with the youth around Kenya giving motivational talks; I take long drives and spend time with my family.


What do you feel about having children?

If there is anything I want today; it is children. I envy women, especially on Sundays with their families hanging out with their husbands, and playing with their children. And when I get home everyday, how I wish I had a child meeting me at the door. It gets lonely sometimes.

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