Evewoman : My wife is angry, suspicious and mean

My wife is angry, suspicious and mean

My problem is my wife. I love her, and I have always tried my best to please her and show her how much I love her. However, for reasons I don’t understand, she is always angry at me and doubts my faithfulness to her. Because of her selfish nature and attitude, even my own family members and friends don’t talk to me anymore. I have no life outside of office and home because she always makes it a big issue when I spend time with friends saying that I prefer spending time with them as opposed to her. She has a short temper and now it is starting to affect our son. Please advice.

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{Mark O}


Your wife complains of you spending more time with friends than her. Why can’t you report home immediately after work? I think this is the genesis of your misunderstanding.

(Pastor Ben Shikuku, Bungoma)

Mark, your wife could be having some unexplained psychological problems. First, you need to assure her that you love her. Next, explain to her that the reason you hang around friends and family is because a man cannot operate like an island. If the measures above fail to work, involve her closest friends, your church pastor or a professional counsellor.

(Tasma Charles)

From what you have shared, your wife comes off as nagging and suspicious. The remedy is to sit her down and explain to her how this behaviour is making you uncomfortable. Later, invite her parents, friends and a counsellor to relay the same message to her. Avoid behaviours that may make her insecure. Go out with her, hold her hand as you walk in the streets, introduce her to your friends of both gender and all will be well with both of you.

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(Felix — Oyugisnet IT Centre)

Could there be evidence that you are actually cheating on her? Remember there is no smoke without fire. Just give her the attention she needs and all will be well. All the best.

(Ouma Ragumo-Sifuyo)

You may be blaming your wife but the cause of the problem is you. Try and talk to your wife and involve her in meeting some of your most trusted friends in social places to build your rapport with her. Women do not need too much love but special attention and showing her to your friends. Otherwise do not run from this problem. Tackle it like a man. Go to church and other social places as a family and restore your old love to your wife.

(Onyango Outha Jauduny)

Your wife could be having an affair with someone else and pretending that she is not. Watch out.

(Kighambo Danson)

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Mark, you seem to have changed the way you handle your wife since you married her. That is why she is wondering if it is genuine love. Talk to her to know where the problem is.

(Atsiaya Wilberforce)

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Mark, your wife needs professional help from a counsellor to deal with her insecurity.

It looks like there are some issues she is dealing with.

Anger is not a problem by itself but is an indication of underlying issues, which manifest themselves in other ways. You also have enormous responsibility on this matter to provide her with the love and care she needs through the treatment and healing process and thereafter.

 Constantly assure her that family and friends are indeed not a threat to her and that she has a secure place in your heart.

What your wife needs is love, assurance and understanding from you.


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