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Making a new start of everything

It is the start of May. Maybe not a New Year, but still a new month, that can make a clean break from all the tears April may have brought.

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Sometimes, the fabric of life gets ripped in such a way that it would take too much time and effort to repair. What we have been used to is torn and blown away.

At such times, it is easy to feel lost and forlorn in a world that is sometimes too complex to fathom. Then you get sucked into those dreary claws and wonder whether you will ever be free again.

Defy that moment!

Tell yourself, “I am better than this.” Because every situation, good or bad, in our mortal lives is only just temporary — no matter how permanent it may seem at the time.


All one needs to do is learn how to float above it. Because although life is a tragedy, more importantly, it is a comedy, if you learn how to see its funny side. Learn to enjoy it. Then the bad times will not seem so bad.

Be selfish! I know, that sounds bad, but what I mean by being selfish is learning to have the self-confidence not to let others, or negative events, put you down. Yolo (You only live once). We have but one life. One body. One soul. We might as well have a good time with it.

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After heart-shattering events, dare to dream again. Yes, it is possible.

Loss is like being caught in a terrible rainstorm without an umbrella. You can get home and stay cowered like a wet hen, nursing a cup of cocoa. Or you could go home, take a hot shower, grin, and wait for the sunshine. For whether you believe it or not, the sun will eventually shine.

Enjoy new adventures. Go to new places. Cook something you have never tried. Meet up with old friends. Better still, meet new people.

I was out at lunch with friends at a fancy restaurant earlier this week, and met a young man fresh off a London-to-Cape Town adventure. It was refreshing to hear how someone from an almost completely world from mine sees things, why they would take a 30-day road trip. There is also a 70-year-old chap called Morland Miles who, as you read this, is on a solitary motorcycle journey through what is called the Death Valley in America.

Try and be a little happy, no matter what. Take a glass of wine. Yes, it is good for the heart. Tell yourself everything will be fine. Because it will. Take comfort in your loved ones. Do not just lie there, depressed and supine. Because, tomorrow, there is always sunshine.



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