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Sexy dressing doesn't make you a lesser woman

Sexy dressingThe number of women who will do anything for 15 minutes of fame has escalated.

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These are women who will post nude pictures, walk around town in their ‘birthday suits’ (for lack of a better word to describe the teeny-weeny skirts and dresses) and feel nothing about it.

What is rather annoying is the fact that most men and women brand them ‘immoral’ or ‘scarlet’. Coming from an ‘open-minded’ school of thought, I think it is time we drop this small talk.

Like seriously?

To make matters worse, they are people who refer them as socialites. Like seriously? This is where my blood boils. Let me set the record straight.

A socialite is someone who is young, is drop dead gorgeous and comes from an old money family. These are the likes of Paris Hilton, the Kardashian sisters and of course, Lindsay Lohan.

So next time, you call someone a socialite, look yourself in the mirror, and ask, ‘what was I thinking?’ We live in a free society and hence, we all have freedom of about anything. My point? Men who gossip and waste their energy discussing women who like to ‘bare it all’, need some time at the psychiatrist’s office!

Yeah. You all need to get your heads checked. Why judge a woman just because she loves to don a sexy dress? The last time I checked, we do not have a prescribed standard of dressing, so kindly save our ears.

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I have noticed that a lot of men treat women who ‘bare it all’ lesser than women who cover up, which is wrong.

Why do men impose certain values as if they have ownership of women’s bodies?

Since Lupita Nyong’o made it, men have been ranting how we should all borrow a leaf from her. Fair enough. But who said we all want to be like her? We all have different views on life and hence let us be.

Men need to realise that women are entitled to the choices, they make for their bodies and that they do not lose their values because they choose not to conform to what they consider the norm.

Some women are not wired to be anybody’s role models so no need to injure their self-esteem. Every woman should be empowered to be what they want. The moment you use the success of one woman to tear down another, you are not ‘empowering’ anything but your own self-righteousness.

Empower yourselves by seeking to understand different women with different points of views.

I believe people should teach their daughters, sisters or cousins to value their spirit, but do not condemn them for valuing their bodies.

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People need to stop projecting their own baggage, standards, and morals onto other women who are busy trying to figure out themselves.

There are women who look up to Beyonce, Lupita while others prefer the most dramatic ones like Kim Kardashian; we are all different.

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