Find your happiness: Don't sweat the small stuff (Photo: iStock)

In this chaotic world of deadlines, responsibilities, and mile-long to-do lists, it's easy to get caught up in the stress tornado. You need to pause for a moment and take a deep breath.

Life is too short to be steeped in worry over the little things, especially those that should be bringing us joy. Can you imagine having sleepless nights over which gown to pick for your wedding to the point you are no longer excited about walking down the aisle?

Remember that you're the master of your happiness and sweating over the small stuff only takes away those precious moments of joy. Not everything deserves your attention or fretting.

Learn to selectively ignore the negativity and focus on the good vibes that make your heart dance like nobody's watching. It sounds cheesy but it works. 

If life throws you lemons, be the Teflon boss and let them slide right off. Stressing over spilt coffee, a wrinkled shirt, or a missed appointment won't get you any closer to happiness.

Don't let little mishaps stick to you like glue. Perhaps you can distract yourself with your favourite tunes and dance away. Let the music wash away the stress. As the saying goes, "when you're happy, you dance. When you're sad, you dance harder!" Music has a way of healing.


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So instead of dwelling on the situation take a deep breath. Don't hesitate to sprinkle humour and giggles into your daily dose of happiness. Laughter is the ultimate stress-buster and an instant mood-lifter. Be intentional. Watch a comedy or call that rib-cracking uncle of yours.

Sometimes, a little procrastination can give you the space you need to appreciate the things that make you genuinely happy.

Take charge of your happiness and don’t allow silly things to eat you up. There are much more serious problems in this life.