Most homes are growing modern by the day (Photo: Courtesy)

Having a beautiful home is something that most people would want. There are many elements that can make your space come alive and transform your home from a house to a welcoming space.

Some of the things you can do to give your home a glow up is putting up wallpaper-as a temporary move make it look better, paint your walls in a modern color, do repairs and other deep home facelifts.

You can always do those major changes but if you’re looking to do something quick that can instantly refresh your space, add interesting décor pieces.

The main problem is that many of them are so expensive and it’s not always easy to find places you can buy some stunning yet affordable items.

Today however I come bearing some good news! Here are some of the most affordable places where you can find amazing décor for your home:

Mr Price Home

Mr Price is already known to provide its customers with not only variety but most of their items are very affordable. They have a couple of clothing stores all over Nairobi and if you’ve had a chance to visit any of them, you know that their prices are pocket friendly.


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Go check them out and be alert in case they’re having any sales.

House of Leather

House of Leather is probably one of the top picks for affordable interior décor. You can get paintings, vases, clocks and so many other different pieces for your home.

The thing that people enjoy most about them is their prices. You can find items that look so expensive and literally be shocked at how affordable they are.

 You will be shocked at the prices of some of these items (Photo: Courtesy)

Eastleigh is the spot where you will find everything you’re looking for and at a bargain. Many people flock there every day to find unique stuff for their homes and it’s almost always a guarantee that you will go home with what you needed and more.

Some of the shops there have very nice imported items that are affordable but still good quality. This is a place you should plan to go soon.

Gikomba market

Gikomba market always comes through when you’re looking for amazing second hand pieces. And if you’re really into rustic and industrial themes, this is where you can get some great items.

Also, many of the items there can easily be flipped into completely new pieces if you love doing a few DIY projects. You will have fun picking out some unique pieces that you can customize on your own.


This is a great spot for all the interior décor enthusiasts out there. You can find a variety of interesting and creative pieces and for sure, you will have a hard time leaving anything behind.

They have cute items for your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and some for your sitting room too.