Should we sleep in socks? (Photo: iStock)

In these past few days, some parts of the country have experienced chills as the temperatures dip at night. There’s even quite a bit of rainfall and when it’s cold outside, we bring out jumpers, blankets and sweaters.

When going to bed, we might also put on some thick socks to help our bodies warm up. Wearing socks at night has some great benefits because they keep us warm, which then helps us to fall asleep faster and more comfortably.

There are even some studies that show wearing socks at night could help patients suffering from conditions like Raynaud’s disease where attacks could cause you to have cold feet and hands. They might also help to manage hot flashes for women going through menopause.

The benefits of wearing socks to bed are many but, could there be more to this story? Are there actually any disadvantages we should be aware of? Let’s find out:

They could cause overheating

For you to get enough rest and feel refreshed in the morning, you need good quality sleep. Not the kind that’s interrupted at certain points because that doesn’t allow your body to replenish itself fully.

There are many things that could cause an interrupted night including overheating from socks. This happens when you wear those that aren’t breathable which then end up trapping in an excess amount of heat.

They could cause your feet to feel compressed

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The discomfort of wearing socks that constrict your feet will also cause some problems. This comes from wearing socks that are too thick or too tight.

And eventually, this could also cause some sleep interruptions which isn’t healthy.

They might cause infections and odours

The other problem with wearing socks to bed more specifically the ones made from synthetic fibres is, they could trigger foot issues.

If you’re already susceptible to foot odours easily or you naturally have sweaty feet, this might not work too well for you. This happens because your feet aren’t getting a chance to breathe properly at night.

They could disrupt blood circulation

When your hands and feet are cold, blood circulation in those areas becomes limited. But also when you have tight socks on for a long period of time, the same can happen.

Constricting socks can put pressure on your feet and cause discomfort. This can also disrupt your sleep.

Heated socks could be a hazard

Heated socks have been a huge breakthrough. Many of them are rechargeable, battery-powered socks that can give you instant heat anywhere, anytime.

The issue with these socks is that there is always a risk of injury in case they malfunction. And when you’re asleep, you’re not alert so you won’t know what is happening.


When wearing socks to bed, always choose a pair made from natural fibres like cotton or wool. These are breathable fabrics that will also prevent overheating.

Ensure you’re wearing the right size to maximize comfort and maintain proper blood circulation. Find out how to know the correct size for your feet so you won’t experience any discomfort as you sleep.

If you have battery-powered socks, avoid wearing them to bed. Have them on during the day when you’re fully alert in case of anything.