Healthy foods you can eat daily (Photo: iStock)

Daily habits have the power to steer your life in either a positive or negative direction. For example, if you drink daily you will eventually develop alcohol-related diseases, and that’s the same for other bad habits.

The same concept applies to what we eat as well. The standard is that we should eat healthy foods because the health risks of not doing so are very real.

Being healthy requires everyday efforts, meaning you need to intentionally choose to eat healthy options like fruits and vegetables from the moment you start your day.

There is an abundance of nutritious foods you should be including in your daily diet, and below, you will find five of them:

Nutritious veggies

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This one definitely goes without saying, you need to eat vegetables every day. They are highly nutritious with enough vitamins and minerals to reduce your risk of diseases like cancer and keep your hair and skin thriving.

But, you should still know that eating a salad with a few pieces of lettuce isn’t really doing much for you if you want to get the real benefits.

So as you choose your daily veggies stick to the ones that have the most nutritional benefits like spinach.

Fresh fruit

Besides veggies, fruits should also be part of your daily diet. Again, they have nutritional benefits that nourish our bodies and keep serious diseases at bay.

The ones that will give you great benefits include fresh berries, bananas and melons. Not altered versions like dry fruit with added sugar or processed fruit juice that aren’t all that nutritious.

Fresh fruits are good for eating often and they actually make a great snack especially if you’re someone who has a sweet tooth.


Almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts, and peanuts, just to name a few, are all good options to have as well. They are a snack you can have anywhere, anytime and, they have some interesting health benefits too.

Most importantly, nuts have been shown to play a crucial role in preventing heart disease. It’s even been proved that people who consume nuts regularly have a lower risk of dying from heart complications.

This discovery should motivate you to snack on nuts every other day. They will give you more benefits as compared to other unhealthy snacks.


There is no doubt that meat is one of the best sources of high-quality protein. But some like red meat can increase your risk of developing cancerous tumours if consumed too often.

Fish is probably one of the best options to include in your diet regularly. They are rich in good-quality protein, as well as other minerals and vitamins that are good for your overall health.

Cucumber water

Regular water is something we should definitely drink consistently on a daily basis. But, you can also have a ‘boosted’ version with infused cucumber in it.

Cucumber water is healthy and very hydrating for your skin. It is a great healthy alternative you can drink often.


Healthy foods should be eaten regularly but, you still need to avoid overdoing it. Consume them in moderation to prevent any complications.