It is also amazing for massages and aromatherapy (Photo: iStock)
Massage oil

There are quite a number of organic oils you can use for massages. But the reason why you should try coconut oil is that it's gentle on your skin, you can find it in almost every supermarket and it's suitable for different skin types.

The texture of coconut oil also makes it a great option. Plus, its sweet aroma gives you some aromatherapy during your massage sessions.

Hoverer, you should consult your dermatologist if you have oily skin because it has a tendency to clog pores.

DIY moisturizing soap

DIY projects are always so much fun because they give you a chance to customize your own products just the way you like them. Something that you should try soon is coconut oil hand soap because these days we're always washing and sanitizing our hands, which can leave our skin feeling dry.

You can easily find tutorials on how to make your own coconut oil bars. You should go for the recipes that include an extra ingredient like shea butter because coconut oil alone might dry out your skin.

Chapped lips repair

Chapped lips are a common problem during cold seasons like these. Sometimes your lips might need some extra care to restore that soft texture and coconut oil can help.

You can easily prepare your simple homemade lip balm with extra ingredients or apply coconut oil directly for overnight moisture treatment. Remember to go for food-grade coconut oil without any additives for this lip moisturizer.

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