Sharon K Mwangi has created a niche for herself in the world of content creation [Courtesy, Sharon K Mwangi Instagram]

Describing herself as a lifestyle content creator, believer as well as a mental health advocate on her Instagram bio, Sharon K Mwangi has created a niche for herself in the world of content creation. One who goes by the life mantra that discipline will always set you apart from everyone else, she has managed to maintain her fashion blogging career since her campus days.

"I am always learning something new every day. I am constantly on YouTube, keeping up with the latest fashion and lifestyle trends to grow my content even further. I believe that that is how I have managed to remain relevant in my blogging since I started on it", she said.

We first heard of Sharon through her fashion blog, Style by Sharry. Her brand has since grown over the years and this has been made possible by her consistency.

Surpassing a huge following on her Instagram with more than 150k followers, she has mastered the art of engaging her fans and followers with her regular videos and photos.

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Through this, she has managed to work with several international brands and gone further ahead to receive recognition from renowned international celebrities as well as those right here at home.

"I have worked with so many brands over the years, some of which I never thought I would work with, both locally and internationally. I have had many career highs and I am always grateful for the opportunities that always come my way", she said.

To add to her already impressive bio, Sharon doubles up as the founder and creative director of Epiphany Clothing, an online clothing store that deals with trendy, stylish, and fashionable pieces.

Sharon, who studied Electronic Media at Daystar University ended up doing Social Media although she originally wanted to be on TV.