Common fashion mistakes to avoid (Photo: iStock)


 While most of us strive to look fashionable every single day of our lives, there are some common mistakes we make sometimes knowingly or unknowingly.

It might not be that much of a big deal to you but as they say, image is everything.

This article breaks down a few common mistakes that you should avoid in the future to ensure you remain as fashionable as you possibly can:

Too much revealing

I get it. We all sometimes want to pull off sexy outfits, especially when going out on date nights or simply on a night out.

What you might know is that exposing too much skin is not what we would exactly term fashionable.

If you opt for a revealing outfit, try choosing one that flatters your body and not the opposite which makes you appear indecent.

Clothes that do not fit

I cannot emphasize this enough. Unless it is designer-approved, oversized clothes are and will always be a big no.

Avoid them at all costs.

 Avoid putting on heels that are uncomfortable (Photo: Courtesy)

Dirty, smelly, torn clothes and shoes

Hygiene is everything. But you know that, right?  There is nothing stylish about a torn outfit. If anything, it makes you look unkempt not to mention very untidy. Not to mention very unprofessional if you pull off such outfits at work.

Heels that you cannot walk in

I bet we see this happening all the time. Ladies, this paints a very bad picture. It’s uncomfortable, tedious and embarrassing.

Why would you even wear something that you barely walk in? Avoid that.

Too few or too many accessories

-Too many accessories

Do not overdo the accessories. You do not have to match up everything. Remember that less is more.

-No accessories at all

The truth is that some outfits definitely need some accessories in them. Accessories do not necessarily mean the jewelry. A scarf or a snood could act as an accessory, especially during those cold seasons.

Failure to replace your old clothes

Once in a while, it is advisable to change up your wardrobe. There is nothing fun in wearing worn-out or outdated clothes.

Wearing fakes

There is no shame in wearing second-hand clothes. None at all. The shame comes with wearing fake designer clothes which is a common practice amongst many.

If you are not in a position to afford designer outfits, try investing in stylish quality brands that fit perfectly.

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