The key speakers for the Eve Sisters event at a Nairobi Hotel on 5/7/2014.The theme of the event was beauty and elegance. Eve sisters participants following speeches from the speakers Ravinder Kaur of Ashleys Hair and Beauty Academy speaking to participants of the Eve sisters Nzilani Muia speaking to participants of the Eve sisters Eve sisters participants try Suzie Beauty make up Caroline Rotich (in short hair and yellow sweater) and Millicent Otieno Kiragu participants of the Eve sisters won a make up offer from Ashleys beauty Eve sisters participants dance to the beat Nzilani Muia (l) with Mickey Ochieng participants of the Eve sisters event erry Mungai of Ashleys beauty hands a participant flowers,the participant won a make over from Ashleys Beauty at the Eve sisters Njambie of Eve woman online presents a plaque to Susan Wokabi of Suzie beauty   Patricia Ithau,former Managing Director L'Oeal East Africa recieves flowers from a group of participants as an appreciation


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