Five mistakes men make during intimacy (Photo: iStock)

There are many things that make for a thriving sex life in a relationship. There is an emotional connection, healthy communication and a strong bond of friendship.

Great intimacy usually requires both parties to work together, because it's not just one person's responsibility. You both need to be attentive to each other's needs to ensure that neither of you is neglected.

Of course, things don't always work out perfectly. Men make mistakes and women do things that upset their partners. There are things that need to be addressed on both sides, but in this case, let's talk about men's bedroom mistakes:

Bad kissing

Kissing is part of the foreplay that builds that physical synchrony. If you get it all wrong at this stage, it can kind of slow things down.

A kissing mistake that women often bring up is men failing to read the room and either going in too aggressively or too relaxed. This sounds very confusing but a simple solution is to pay attention to your woman to know whether she’s looking for a bit more action or more romance.

Making assumptions

Assuming you know what your partner likes can lead to an embarrassing experience. There might be things you did with your ex that your current partner won’t like at all.


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Before you decide to make a risky move, ask her about it to confirm whether she is comfortable or not. It would be better to have that talk about unconventional things you might both like to avoid experiencing a weird situation during intimacy.

Lack of expression

Generally, men aren’t as expressive as women. Even in conversations, you will find that men are quieter while women use expressions and verbal cues to show their engagement.

In other everyday scenarios, this isn’t a big deal but in the bedroom, it can be a problem. When a man is super quiet and lacking expression, you can’t really tell whether he is actually invested in the process or not.

This doesn’t mean that you start faking expressions because that’s a vibe killer as well. Just be real and try to encourage your partner by expressing yourself more.

Putting pressure on her to finish

Building excitement and encouraging someone to finish is different from putting unwanted pressure. When someone is putting pressure, it means they’re rushing the process and forcing it to happen, which usually has the opposite effect.

Women don’t often like this because it can make them feel nervous, uncomfortable and almost like they have to finfish. This might be part of the reason why some women fake orgasms.

Closing the chapter when she is not done

It is scientifically known that men tend to finish faster than women. Women often need a bit more attention to get there so it’s natural for them to last longer.

The problem isn’t usually that their man has finished first. It’s that he will finish and sleep or move on to something else meanwhile she hasn’t been satisfied. You should experiment with other things to get her to that point so her needs can be met.