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5 types of people you meet in Kenyan matatus


Most of us use matatus at least on a daily basis to get to school/work or to run errands. Previously, we shared the shady things Kenyans do and we are not done yet because there are also types of people in a Kenyan matatu that include:

Fraud Conductors

These are those conductors who tell you that fare is 50 bob but once they lure you in to getting inside the vehicle, all of a sudden the price goes up to 80 bob. At that time, your wallet or purse has run dry because of spending rapaciously on clothes in bus station on the assumption that fare will be 50 bob.

 The Pseudo Conductors

Have you ever encountered a conductor who refuses to return your change? They are not genuine at all. You give them 200 bob or a 500 bob note but they deny the fact that you gave them notes. They stare at you blankly with no remorse claiming that you are a liar then they shun you off like you are a bug on their skin.

The Mobile Pastors

 I can count the number of times I have heard sermon, prophecies and testimonies in buses. They claim to be messengers from God hoping from one bus to another claiming to turn souls to Christ while what they are really after is money. They open their Bibles, give a testimony about how Christ changed their lives, claim how they saw the light after being baptized then seek to scoff your allowance by asking for offering after their sermon.

The Parrots

 Woe unto you if you don’t have earphones to keep you company in case you end up sitting next to someone who all they do is whine on their phones or air their dirty laundry in public. I mean, no one cares about your bedroom matters with your spouse or how you were conned in River Road. Lower your tone.

The Nosy Passengers

You are there texting or flirting with your boyfriend then someone just glances on your screen. They simply just cannot mind their business.



The Hit Makers

We also have the Hit Makers. These are those boys that hit on you and they somehow manage to trap you in their box and you end up exchanging contacts.  Have you ever heard of lovers who met in a matatu? You will be surprised.


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