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Our dear politicians, are your ambitions driven by good for all?


Since the start of the human race, it is evident that the need for recognition has always been the driving force that propels man to strive, to reach towards greater heights and not just be satisfied with the status quo.

If we were to search the historic times, we would find that so much has been put at stake by prominent individuals all in the name of achieving goals that would enable them define success in their own terms.

An example would be the goal that Adolf Hitler had in creating the perfect Aryan race.

Purest of all

He considered this race the purest of all given the fact that it was originally German.

He therefore set out to achieve this ambition by annihilating the Jewish race which consequently led to the holocaust that claimed the lives of six million Jews.

This historic event can be cited as an example of just how destructive egotistical ambitions can be. This notable occurrence can also help us realise the need to consider the motives behind our goals and aspirations.

Are our dreams meant just to satisfy our egotistic nature? Are we looking out for that which will also benefit the society as well?

Though it is alright to work hard, believe in our capabilities and think in new ways in order to succeed, it is equally important to reflect on what the true motives of our ambitions are.

By the end of it all, the end result of our goals will determine whether we are successful or not.

This is in tandem with how author of the book The Secrets of Super Achievers by Phil Baker puts it, if I may paraphrase him: true success does not just result in joy, happiness and sense of fulfillment for an individual, but also tends to benefit other people too.

If we were to look at success from this perspective, this simply means that if you have achieved your goals and ambitions at the expense of other people‘s well-being, for instance through, killing, stealing, corruption or any other dishonest means, then you are not truly successful.

When we speak of true achievement, the end does not always justify the means; hence the need to scrutinise the true purpose behind our ambitions.

If the purpose behind our drive is common good for all and not just for ourselves as individuals, then we have certainly grasped the true meaning of success.

This message is especially for our spirited politicians, who are readying for the next General Election. Why do you want to vie for that seat once more?

What have you done with the money that was allocated to you by the State to help develop your area of jurisdiction?

Would you honestly say that you deserve yet another term? Do marinate on this before you stand on that podium to ask for votes.

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