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Dj Creme's Epic Nation label releases hot new collabo of Redsan and Victoria Kimani

4 years ago <p>Released barely 48 hours ago, the brand new collaboration by Dancehall star Redsan and sassy singer Victoria Kimani &lsquo;Live it up&rsquo; is no doubt one worth jamming to. Produced by Mombasa-based producer Teknixx and co-produced by Sappy and Cr&egrave;me de la Cr&egrave;me under the latter&rsquo;s Epic Nation Music label.</p><p>Cr&egrave;me, who was instrumental in bringing the two artists together, says it&rsquo;s about time that Kenya upped its musical game and reclaim its lost glory as the regions finest. &ldquo;Clearly all artists are coming to Kenya, how then can we continue producing dubious music that makes us a laughing stock?&rdquo; posed the talented deejay turned music executive.</p><p>&ldquo;We have the ability to produce the best sound and artistes in Africa. Look, Sauti Sol is the best group in Africa yet local artistes are taking that for granted. I bet very few have approached them yet you see them being out washed after running to pay other emerging artistes across the region. Redsan is a legend. Victoria Kimani is at the peak of her career but we want to overlook that and run to a Tanzanian or a Ugandan. I thought to myself, why not?&rdquo; he went on.&nbsp;</p>

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