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Why Bukusu darlings are a let down to Luhya men


Luhya men are simply the best. They are only rivaled by Luo sweethearts who are our Alejandro’s this side of the planet. However, Bukusu darlings are the worst thing that ever happened might have happened in Luhya land. Other Luhya men like the Tachoni, Maragoli, Isukha, Maramas and the Wangas are cream de la crèmes.

A Wanga man will buy his wife handbags, shoes, live with her in town and ensure that they live comfortably and luxuriously. Maragolis and Tachonis are known to protect their women. An Isukha man is an angry man but his loyalty to his wife is unquestionable.

 The percentage of Bukusu darlings who make men proud is very small. We congratulate those who can cook for their women and treat them like queens. The undoing of Bukusu men is how they are content with little things-or a mediocre life. Very few can engage in business.

To proof that they are satisfied with little things, their small dukas will never grow into supermarkets or even a big wholesale store. As soon as the duka brings in profit they get another wife. Talking of polygamy, who can separate Luhya men from polygamy? Is it their meagre earnings?

Inadequate land to erect splendid homes and till the land for their wives or lack of willing wives? Ooh no! In all these they are more than strong willed polygamists. Many have zero ambition. If not their stomach, it’s women who rule their world. See how Luhya unity is elusive suspect a Bukusu darling politician at the heart of this disunity. And evidence that Bukusu darlings never make it big is the fact that no Bukusu family has ever fought over a deceased relative's estate.

They fight over his socks, clothes, shoes and 2 hectares of land that is not even fertile. We see kikuyu families fight over estates all the time. They will live a life of luxury with a mpango or a woman they met in the market, while their wives and children suffer.

A Bukusu man will pay dowry after many years of being pestered by in laws. The world has never known any stingy man like Bukusu men. If a Bukusu darling is poor like the famed Khamala who, once upon a time, was married to zarika, he will take it is as his fate. He will do very little or nothing to change his poverty status. He can even sell a piece of land to buy a second hand motorbike and drink all the balance.

But If Zarika had been married to a Wanga, she would be sited in her homestead waiting for Mzee to come with "pesa ya miwa" na "ka-kilo" from Bungoma town. Mzee also went to buy his embassy cigarettes (he can't smoke sportsman like a Bukusu man) and his wife's moisturizer.

Variety is an alien term as far as meals are concerned to a Bukusu darling. What will happen if for instance the government bans eating of Ugali and decides to export all maize? Shall we see these darlings on the streets? Their menu is like ugali,ugali,ugali and more ugali. Rice, chapatti, spaghetti and githeri are just snacks to them. If a Luhya man holds your gaze, ensure it's the finest of the Luhya men. Stay clear of Bukusu darlings.

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