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Christians should know that homosexuality is not a choice


Reading through this platform, I found an article entitled "Can homosexuals become Christians?"

The writer begins well by exlaining whether or not homosexual persons can accommodate themselves into Christianity. However, his ending points dilute the whole message he intended to pass across. He uses his last paragraphs to make unjustifiable and false conclusions about homosexual persons and the whole other sexually queer groups (Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Bisexual and Intersex). I will not go into details about his argument for or against Christianity accommodating homosexual persons, but will deal with his ending points. 

The writer seems to be oblivious of the factual tenets that sorround the issue of homosexuality. He prescribes to the ignorant, yet dangerous, concept that "homosexuality is a choice." That is a stereotypical view widely shared by many people, not only in Kenya, but wolrdwide. The same stereotype has mutated to prejudice and discrimination in many countries around the world. In countries like Yemen and Mauritania, any homosexual behaviour is punishable by death. Other countries like Uganda and Nigeria recently prescribed punitive laws for any homosexual behaviour in a stance adopted by African despots to stamp their authority.

However, scientifically, there is no universal consensus on why someone is born with a particular sexuality. In the next paragraphs, we shall see why.

I agree with the writer that the research on the gay gene is inconclusive. However, I distate the way he undermines the research as 'shallow'. Whereas evidence has so far shown that no one is genetically born gay, it is inconclusive, meaning that it can or will change as new evidence arises. However, the focus of scientific research into homosexuality has not just limited itself into gay genes. It explores other factors that lead to such an identity or orientation. 

According to the BBC,

The interest on the evolution of homosexuality by most modern scientists  has been in an ongoing, internal pattern of desire (personal sexual feelings) rather than whether people identify as gay or ‘straight’ (sexual identity) or how often people have gay sex (sexual behaviour). Sexual feelings scientifically provide a good measure of sexual orientation. (BBC)

According to Psychology Today, new evidence has forced biologists to revise their views on homosecuality based on two perspectives: evidence of gay genes and gay animals. Scientific evidence so far shows that homosexuality is a sex-linked trait, even though little is known about its genetic mechanisms.

Research has shown that homosexuality is an example of a normal and natural variation in human sexuality and is not in and of itself a source of negative psychological effects. Most people experience little or no sense of choice about their sexual orientation. (apa.org)

Social scienties (like psychologists) have further explored homosexuality. They base the origins of homosexuality on three factors: hormones, environment (womb or uterus) and genes. They put emphasis on the first two due to the prevailing ease of access to evidence. 

Study has also shown that exposure to unusual levels of hormone before birth can also affect sexuality. For example, female fetuses exposed to higher levels of testosterone before birth show higher rates of lesbianism later on. (BBC)

 Therefore, such evidence dispels the myth that homosexuality is a choice as the writer wants us to believe. Second, scientific evidence shows that that psychological interventions cannot aid in changing one's sexual orientation. The writer disparagingly puts across homosexuality as a 'craving' that, similar to sexual addiction, the person can stop. His remedy? Seeking God's forgiveness! He thinks it is a sin.

Any person who discriminates against gay people has never known the pain associated with love or denial of the chance and choice to love. (yours truly)

More so, when the writer says that homosexuality does not fit into procreation and companionship, he just extends his ignorance on this issue. Homosexual persons seek companionship from persons of the same sex to whom they are attracted to. They desire emotional support from their partners. As for procreation, research shows that 60% of children raised by homosexual partners are biological. For those who cannot procreate, they can adopt, After all, his argument that sex is only about procreation is as shallow as it sounds. As for marriage, evidence shows that heterosexual couples are twice or more as likely to divorce than homosexual couples. 

Therefore, the writer is just a victim of spiderman fallacy and that is why he quotes his literal scriptures to defend his fallacious argument about homosexuals persons. He should explore more evidence beyond the fancy stories and fundamentalism found in the biblical scriptures that are devoid of credibility and factual evidence.

(Read a detailed version of this article and others on the same in my blog).

The Writer is a Political and Public Policy Analyst. Blogs at Politicskenya.net

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