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Can homosexuals become Christians?


The LGBT movements and activists are getting bolder every day. Although most African countries have termed homosexuality as un-African, there is no denying from the well-attended demonstration that the number of gay people are increasing or at least raising their voices. America has been at the fore-front in gay rights advocacy and even allowing same-sex marriages. Europe has gone even further to allow gay clergy in the church.

Homosexuality is not new. It can be dated back to biblical times of Sodom and Gomorrah being proverbially used to discourage homosexual activities.  The punishment for which was the annihilation of two entire cities. It has become one of the common arguments about the wrath of God against such abominable acts. The church throughout history has held that homosexuality is a sin against God. It was until less than 30 years ago that laws have been changed to accord them right that are deemed inalienable to their nature.

About five years ago a preacher emerged in Nairobi saying that gays were allowed to attend his church. This is not in an effort to evangelize to them about their lifestyle but to be accepted like straight people and be allowed to worship God.  According to Ipsos Synovate survey in 2013, 64% of Kenyans believe that gay behavior is a personal choice. A lot has changed since then. When it comes to religion it becomes harder to live out as both gay and Christian simultaneously.

The bible is categorically against homosexual behavior right from the supposedly Judaic-old testament laws to the founding of the church in the New Testament. Sexual desires were created by God to serve a purpose both physically in procreation and spiritually in understanding the deeper mysteries of marriage. Homosexuals cannot therefore fully declare to be true followers of a religion whose foundational book out rightly condemns their behavior. Most “Christian” gays argue that homosexuality is just a sin like any other. I beg to differ.

When God created Adam he was one. He breathed into him and he became a living being. After sometime he created a woman out of man. He made Eve to physiological and emotionally complement Adam. This became the foundation of human race. Marriage was for companionship and procreation. Same-sex marriage does not work on both levels. A “Christian gay” will have to dissociate from the foundation of scripture and thus disqualify their own faith.

Finally, there are those that believe they were born gay and it is therefore not their fault. Indeed they claim that God accepts them as they are, so should the society and definitely so should the church. Hitherto, although there is extensive effort to determine the gene that is common in people with such sexual proclivity, there is no prove of any kind of mutation that cause one to be gay. The basis of gay behavior is inconclusive and shallow. Homosexuality is a choice that is deliberately or involuntarily nurtured and in desperation embraced by those who are unable to stop.

The life of a Christian calls for complete obedience to the word of God. God is able to forgive all sins and restore. Tendencies of homosexuality are no different than any other natural tendencies of the flesh to sin. Just as by grace and submission to the Holy Spirit one is able to overcome sin, so can one be free of the hooks of homosexuality and there are many testimonies of freedom. This does not mean that the tendencies will go away, just like a sex addict battle every day to control his craving; so will the homosexual fight, by God’s help, to stay free from his craving

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