Chantelle speaks out her drug addictions and relationship to J Blessing.

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By Pulse | 6 years ago

Jay-Blessing and Chantelle

Pulse: Everyone has been waiting for the big day since you announced that you and your fiancé J Blessing are an item. What happened to the big wedding plans?

Chantelle: I think J Blessing is the best person to deal with that question. We have this agreement that our private lives should just be left to be that. But we are happy together.

P: Happy together as wife and husband or just two lovebirds that moved in together?

C: I call him my husband and he calls me his wife. We wouldn’t be living together if we were not in a union. We have our parents’ blessings.

P: So we can conclude that you have fully settled down?

C: Yes we have. I have heard many stories of people waiting for us to part ways but I can tell you that we were meant to be. I love this guy so much you have no idea how.

P: Talking about people talking, they also condemned J Blessing for hooking up with you yet you are not born-again...

C: By the way, I got saved a few months ago and all that is now in the past. A lot has changed since J Blessing met me and told me that he was in love.

P: You are now born-again? What has changed?

C: Getting born again is all about giving your life to Jesus. The Holy Spirit transforms you gradually. I was addicted to smoking and drinking alcohol and all that, I have now stopped. My husband is happy with all these.

P: You were brought up by a dad who is a pastor. How comes it is J Blessing who finally convinced you to get saved, were you under pressure to please him?

C: J Blessing has never pressured me to stop or do anything. Trust you me, when we got started, he could drop me at the club and pick me when I was done for the night. He hated it and all through, he was talking me out of it until it made sense. He is a very humble guy and I just think it was his approach that made it different from anyone else who ever talked to me about God. He preaches to me every day.

P: Just how did the whole love thing start; considering that you were from both extremes?

C: Well, the truth is that I did not know or even care who J Blessing was until the day I received a call from him. He couldn’t understand how I did not know him considering he was a celeb so he gave me a day to Google him and call back. I did not do either. Two days later he called me and asked if we could meet. That is how we met.

P: And...

C: He was spot on! He did not mince his words. He said he was in love with me since he saw me on TV and that he wanted to marry me. I wondered; who tells a girl to marry him on their first date. But I just found him just too real. I loved his dreads and I think that is what got me hooked up then.

P: Did he know you were this ‘wild clubbing girl’?

C: The crazy thing is that J Blessing told me that he had been warned that I was a wild restless party girl and he did not mind. He called his dad and his pastor and told them the same. That was funny and too honest. I just fell in love and there was no doubt I would end up with him, from that very start.

P: You had just released Tokelezea then, and moved out of another relationship...

C: Yes, I had just gotten out of a relationship just like he had done.

P: You stopped singing since... or should we expect to see you release some gospel songs?

C: The one thing that no one knew is that Tokelezea was a song born out of a rebellious move against my dad. I was this wild girl who had just cleared school and my strict dad could not let me do anything that did not look godly. I ran away from home and began singing. I mean, the video was an almost a nude show that no parent would like to see about their daughter.

P: Do you regret all these seemingly wild actions?

C: Let’s just say I learned my lessons.

P: You haven’t told us if you plan to go gospel since your husband is a gospel producer?

C: For starters, I would want to go into gospel simply because J Blessing is a gospel producer. I know everyone has their reservations and I would still be ready for all the hate. I first want to grow spiritually and seek what God wants me to do.

P: Do you think all gospel artistes are all genuine in ministry?

C: It is not really for me to judge. I don’t think most of the artistes in gospel are there to minister. Some are in it simple because of the money.

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