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More often than not, we women feel like we are not making any progress when talking to the men in our lives.

A British relationship coach, Julie-Anne Shapiro, has finally coined a term for the language that men prefer speaking; Menglish.

She goes ahead to break down Menglish for the ladies so that we can communicate with our men more effectively.

Don’t expect your man to multitask

Asking him things about your relationship while he is busy working on something else will lead to disappointment. Instead, wait for him to finish whatever he is doing and then he can give you his full attention.

Remember the 30 second rule

Men generally take their time before the can respond to a question. When you ask a question, give your man 30 seconds where you do not nudge, interrupt or talk over him.

Men are problem solvers

Don’t get mad when your man starts telling you how to fix things after you have ranted about a bad day. They are wired to think like that. To avoid that situation, explain to you man that you just want them to listen, not solve.

Men have a limited capacity for detail

Men prefer facts while women prefer details. Save the details for your girlfriends, get to the point with your man. They lose interest very fast.

Don’t expect your man to magically know what you need

Men are not mind readers. If you don’t state exactly what you want, you man will not know how to give it to you. The more specific you can be, the better.

Men thrive on appreciation

A man feels disheartened if he does things for you and yet you don’t appreciate it. The more you appreciate your man, the more he will want to do things for you.

Men are providers

Men are naturally providers. They like to know how they are providing for you. In addition to appreciating him, tell exactly what he provided that made you happy. He is more likely to remember that and keep providing.

Men need you to be receptive

When your man tries to give you something, whether it’s a compliment or he wants to do something for you and you won’t let him, he feels sad and even crushed. Allow him to do this things for you, it gives him great pleasure to see you smile.

Men want to make you happy

If he sees you sad, complaining, criticizing him and constantly unhappy, eventually he will give up and think that another man can do a better job. Focus on and tell him the things you appreciate about him and what he provides for you.

Confidence, the number one quality a man looks for in his ideal woman

Your man feels genuinely sad when he sees you beating yourself up or saying how fat your stomach is, how frizzy or flat your hair is. He sees you as beautiful, lovable woman – that’s why he’s with you. Instead, be confident in who you are. If there are things you would like to change, do so because you love yourself so much that you’re worth it.

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