Goya Menor [Courtesy]

Goya Menor's phrase "you want to bamba, you want to chill with the big boys" is by now well known in club and party circuits. Without a doubt, the star's 'Ameno' Amapiano remix banger is an anthem to reckon with and the hitmaker is in town. 

Born Bright Goya, the 26-year-old, who's currently globe-trotting, never thought the song and his phrase would bring him fame. 

"As a matter of fact, when we did the jam, it was just for fun. I never imagined it would grow to this magnitude," he confesses. 

Soon after recording the song, and using USA-based Ghanian producer DJ Nektune's Amapiano touch, the song became a big hit on social media platforms. 

In December 2021, it became a favorite among the partygoers and club DJs. 

Goya says this came at a time when he was thinking of quitting the show business. "Having recorded the song, I'd given it my all but the response was quite lukewarm but this is a message to all the youth not to give up and God's timing is best."

Despite the low popularity of the song in his home country Nigeria, the 'Ameno' Amapiano remix has grown globally, getting millions of views on streaming platforms. 

Through the song, Goya is now minting money crossing borders and widening his artistic scope.

An accomplished hype man, emcee and producer, Goya is set to headline three shows in Nairobi and Mombasa this weekend with his maiden Kenyan show being B Club Mombasa on Friday before a beach party scheduled for Saturday afternoon and the icing of his tour at the luxurious Nairobi B Club lounge on Sunday. 

Goya Menor [Courtesy]

What should the fans expect? "It's going to be pure high energy Naija-style entertainment. I have seen the energy Kenyans possess and I can't wait to have them unleash it. You want to bamba? Come chill with the big boy. I can't wait to see my Big boys and oh...they said Kenya has Big Gals too. Let's have a party!" he says, refuting claims that he is a one-hit-wonder. 

Since his arrival, Goya has received a lot of love from fans and promises to have a themed song for Kenya within the year.