Kenyan money.

Money can be a very sensitive issue, particularly among friends and colleagues. But what happens if money becomes the object of contention between you and a co-worker? Here’s how to deal with the money question in the workplace:

Can you spare it: When someone asks you to lend them money, first ask yourself, ‘Can I afford to lend this person money?’

Can you trust this person: Before you lend money to an officemate, ask yourself, ‘Can I truly trust this person to pay me back?’ If the answer is yes, then go ahead and lend the money. If the answer is no, then apologise and refuse.

Set your rules: You might want to set your loan money limit at Sh1,000 or Sh5,000, no more. Anybody who wishes to loan money from you can borrow that much and nothing more.

Tell them if you get the money back as promised, you might even help them again in the future. If not, they shouldn’t ever ask you again.

Have an agreement: This is an important thing to remember, particularly if the officemate asking to borrow money is not a close friend.

Explain that you’re doing it to make the terms of repayment accurate and understandable to both of you.

Ask for the money back: Let’s say you did lend the money and now the time has come when your officemate promised to pay it back.

But the day came and went and another day, then another day... maybe they just deliberately wiped it out of their memory. What do you do?

Don’t feel guilty, ask for your money.