How to have a naturally smooth face.

Skincare is not superficial because of its healthcare. When you have beautiful skin, it's a sign that you have a healthy body and mind.

Living a healthy lifestyle and having a good skincare routine are reflected in your skin. Any lady would give up anything and do just everything to get that smooth, glowing face naturally. People tend to assume that you have to invest lots of money in these beauty parlors for one to have a smooth face. No, I'm afraid I have to disagree with that.

There are those factors that influence your skin health over time; some of these factors are internal and others external. External factors that influence your skin health are:

  • Ultra Violet Light (the sun)
  • Smoking
  • Pollution
  • Climate
  • Harsh beauty products

Internal factors that influence your skin health are pregnancy, and hormonal change can increase skin sensitivity, leading to acne breakout and triggering the face's pigment production.

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But again, there are ways in which you can get a smooth face naturally; 

  1. Drinking-Water

Drinking lots of water can help you combat a lot of skin issues. It is advisable to take at least eight glasses of water daily since your body loses lots of water. If you don't, your skin suffers the consequences. Drinking water helps remove toxic substances in your body and prevents your skin from aging, drying, and becoming tight.

Have a skincare routine.

2. Having a Beauty Routine

Having a daily skincare routine is a very important factor to consider for having smooth skin:

Wash your face- It is important always to wash your face at least twice daily. In the morning and before going to bed. Washing your face will enable it to open pores that might have been blocked by dirt and oil. 

Moisturize- By moisturizing you make your skin less dry. You can do this after washing your face. Moisturizing helps to prevent breakouts and acne; it also reduces the chances of any skin problems.

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3. Diet

"What you put in your mouth is as important as the product you apply on your skin," says Dr. Jessica Wu. What you eat plays a vital role in the overall appearance of your skin. A healthy diet will protect your skin from acne and pimples. Avoid processed and sugary foods and eat healthy foods for your skin, like Fish, which is known to contain Omega 3 fatty acids, which are known to maintain healthy skin. Eat broccoli, which is rich in vitamin A; it is very healthy and essential to the skin.

4. Making sure you are getting enough sleep 

"Your skin and your whole body go into repair when you sleep." Sleep restores your tissue and ensuring their optimal vitality. Some of the benefits of sleep are fewer acne blemishes, less inflammation, fewer wrinkles, and less sagging.

5. Seeking medical help

It is possible that you might have tried all the tips, but nothing is working out to get rid of the pimples and acne. It is always good to seek medical advice from a dermatologist. This is a medical practitioner qualified to diagnose and treat skin disorders.