Kitani Lodge is a nice and relaxing getaway located in the heart of Tsavo National Park [Photo: Courtesy]

Are you over the madness that is 2020 and craving a quick escape from the city? We’ve all had a hectic year that has taken a toll our wellbeing. Not to mention, it has made our pockets suffer too. Life has to move on regardless and one of the best ways to feel recharged is by changing your environment. However, travel expenses can be a mood killer if you’re on a budget. Well, worry no more. Here are some pocket-friendly travel destinations to satisfy your inner wanderlust.

Kitani Safari Lodge, Tsavo

Kitani Lodge is a nice and relaxing getaway located in the heart of Tsavo National Park. It’s particularly popular among couples due to its intimate and private setting. It offers great amenities like a pool, gym and Wi-Fi. Additionally, guests of the lodge get to interact with wildlife closely making the experience even more magical.

Camp Carnelley’s, Naivasha

If you’re feeling adventurous, this destination offers a serene and outdoorsy environment waiting to be explored. The view of Lake Naivasha creates a beautiful background to the campsite. Guests can either bring their own tent, rent from the camp or book a banda. Additionally, they have a fully stocked kitchen and bar so you don’t have to worry about meals.

Tafaria Castle, Nyahururu

If you’re curious how the royals live, take a trip down to Tafaria Castle. This is the perfect place to satisfy your luxury taste buds at an affordable price. Tafaria is famous for its unique structure, plush gardens and horse-drawn carriages that mimic the lifestyle of a king. Additionally, the cozy rooms provide a warm and welcoming ambience for the guests.

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Le Rustique, Nanyuki

Le Rustique lives up to its name – simple and elegant. Inside, it’s beautifully furnished and well-maintained catering to business professionals, solo travelers, couples and families. The pavements are lit by traditional lamps which create a beautiful aesthetic leading to the vibrant gardens. Le Rustiqie also provides one of the best fine dining experiences in the area at its Mediterranean-style restaurant.

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Kereita Forest, Kiambu

Located in Limuru, Kereita Forest has become a haven for adrenaline junkies seeking to escape the city. There’s a big contrast from the city life here as it’s surrounded by greenery and jam-packed with activities from zip-lining and archery to cycling and nature walks. Additionally, their rates are very affordable for the everyday man.