There are foods – commonly known as aphrodisiacs – that boost libido.

Since the Ancient Roman times, people have used foods to spice up their love life. Nowadays, all kinds of pills and portions promise to give you the best night of your life. While it’s fine to get a little help from science, sometimes your love life is suffering because of your nourishment. Food and sex go hand in hand since whatever you eat fuels your body. As such, there are foods – commonly known as aphrodisiacs – that boost libido. Here are some:

Coconut water

If you take a trip down to the Coastal region, they’ll tell you that madafu (coconut water) is the cure to all your sexual problems. Coconut water is rich in electrolytes that boost blood flow. This, in turn, gives you more energy.


This beverage does more than just give you a kick in the morning. Coffee is well known to boost energy which is essential in bedroom matters. This adrenaline-boosting drink also increases dopamine levels in the body putting you in a good mood.

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Taking bae to a seafood restaurant might dent your wallet but you can bet they’ll be all over you by the end of the night. Oysters contain zinc which regulates sexual hormones.


Watermelon is not only a refreshing fruit but also it contains citrulline, a non-essential amino acid, that mimics the effects of viagra. It relaxes and dilates the blood vessels thus boosting blood flow. No wonder Queen Bey sang about it in “Drunk In Love”.


If you’re trying to spice things in the bedroom, bananas will do the trick. Their rich potassium content promotes healthy blood flow and strengthens muscles giving you more stamina. Apricots

This small but mighty fruit has been famed for its libido-boosting qualities and was traditionally used in Europe to increase sexual appetite. Due to the high potassium content, it builds muscle strength and increases blood flow, much like the potassium-rich bananas.

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Cinnamon is known as the love spice due to its many benefits in the bedroom. Its aroma alone is a highly potent aphrodisiac and lighting a cinnamon-scented candle could create a sexy ambience. Cinnamon is also known to treat erectile dysfunction as it helps with circulation.


Though chocolate doesn’t have any physical effects in boosting sexual arousal, it’s  an age-old romance food thanks to its luxurious qualities. It was a sign of affluence and men in the olden days used cocoa beans to woo women, much like today’s society.