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Nobody really wants to imagine that their partner is cheating on them. However, the recent reports of celebrities – married ones – being caught in compromising situations has opened up a can of worms on the state of relationships in the country. In fact, there’s been a running joke on social media that Nairobi is one big bedroom, meaning everybody is sleeping with everybody. Though this is the reality, most people don’t realize their partner is cheating until it’s too late. Learning about it early on could save you the embarrassment and disappointment. So, here are some signs to look out for.

  1. They text too much

Our phones have become an integral part of our lives as they’re a means of communication. However, most people are able to take a break from their phones especially when spending time with a loved one. If your partner is suddenly texting too much and barely pays any attention to you, they might be cheating. Whenever people are exposed for cheating, their flirty text messages are the first things that come to light.

  1. They have suddenly changed their style of dressing

There’s nothing wrong if your partner changes their style. In fact, it’s good to try a new look every once in a while but a change of clothes could also be an effort to impress somebody. If it’s not you, then it’s definitely someone else. People who are cheating change their appearance to be more desirable to their new catch. It’s more suspicious when they start dressing up well for nights out that you’re not invited to.

  1. They are critical

Cheating partners try to justify their cheating by blaming the other partner. Therefore, their attitude may change and they may start criticizing everything you do. They also seem to be more defensive than usual and instead of explaining themselves they turn the situation against you. This not only helps them shift the blame but also it makes you question yourself thus reducing your doubts about them.

  1. They want space

It’s normal to want some time to yourself, away from your partner. However, this shouldn’t happen often and it shouldn’t be for prolonged periods. Cheating partners will request for space so as to be with the other person. They’ll use excuses like work or stress to take longer periods away from you. In a normal and healthy relationship, your partner should let you know when they’re leaving at least a day in advance and will communicate with you even when they leave.

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  1. They stop complimenting you

When two people are in love, they shower each other with compliments to let the other know how they feeling about them. Therefore, when the compliments stop, you should be worried. They’re either losing interest or they’ve found someone else to compliment. Though there’s nothing much you can do about this since even trying to change your look might not get their attention, you can have an open discussion with them to find out what might be causing the drift.

  1. They’re not interested in intimacy

When things like cuddling, kissing and holding hands seem forced, you should take it as a warning sign that your partner might be cheating on you. People in happy relationships can’t keep their hands to themselves. Therefore, losing intimacy, especially when the cuddling and touching stops, could mean that they’ve found someone else.

  1. They Threaten To Break Up

Cheating is usually a result of something wrong in the relationship. These problems can also lead to fights from time to time. If your partner suddenly wants to break up every time you get in a fight, it could mean that they found someone else and want your relationship to end.

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