It’s thattime of the year where mothers all around the world get to be celebrated.Unlike before, people will have to celebrate this day while at home as theCOVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill.

So, sincemovement outside is restricted, what are some of the ways you can celebratemothers in the house? Depending on what your mum likes, here are some ideas ofthe things you can do for her;

<p><b>Unlike before, people will have to celebrate this day while at home as the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill.</b></p><p><b>So, since movement outside is restricted, what are some of the ways you can celebrate mothers in the house?</b></p>

Give her the day off

With thepandemic and almost everyone at home, mothers have a hard task of ensuringeverything is in place. From doing dishes, keeping the house clean to cookingfood, mothers, most likely get very tired at the end of the day. How about you distributethe chores in the house (if there are many of you) and let her relax?

Pamper her

Everyonelikes to be pampered and mothers are not an exception. Treat her like a queen.Do for her those things that are considered ‘normal’. Tell her how much you appreciateher day to day efforts in keeping the family together. If you can, organize forher to get a massage while at home or a manicure/pedicure depending on what shelikes.

Breakfast in bed

Surpriseher by offering a breakfast in bed. Spare even if it’s an hour to make herfavourite dish and take it to her while she’s still asleep. On top of that, youcan write a note to appreciate her and leave it on the food tray. What a way tokick start her day!

Surprise party

You cansecretly organize for a simple surprise party for her. For starters, order acake with a nice message in case you can’t bake or if you don’t want her tofind out. Try cooking some of her favourite cuisines without any help from her.Make this day all about her.

Create a photo album

With thehelp of DIY videos, you can easily create a photo album with her pictures. Addsome photos of the family members to create fun memories. At either the back orthe front of the album, let every family member write a sweet message for her.This is something she’ll always have with her to remember how special you madeher feel.

Movie night

Get yourmum’s favourite movie and sit down to watch it together. Make a few snacks anddrinks she’ll enjoy while watching the movie. This will especially go reallywell after making her a delicious dinner. You can even cuddle with her duringthe movie and make her feel loved.