You want to make some dough, right? Of course. Everyoneneeds to make money.

The internet has transformed the way we do business. It hasopened up borders and removed limitations on what you can do and achieve basedgeographical regions or financial resources. With a computer, an internetconnection, and personal drive, there is little that can stand in the way ofyou making an income online.

<p><b>From online surveys to renting out your house, there is no shortage of clever ways to make an online income.</b></p><p><b>Please note it takes patience, persistence, failures, and hard work to build a successful online venture.</b></p>

From online surveys to renting out your house, there is noshortage of clever ways to make an online income.

Please note it takes patience, persistence, failures, andhard work to build a successful online venture. There are no get-rich-quickschemes. Most quick ways to an online income are shortcuts that do not last orpan out to be scams. You have to put in time, effort, blood, sweat, and tearsto be successful.

Let’s dive in and explore the ten modern ways to make moneyonline in Kenya.

1) eCommerce/Dropshipping

eCommerce is the selling and buying of goods and servicesover the internet. The industry is booming, and the easiest way you can startis via dropshipping. This is a fulfillment method where a store does not keepan inventory of the items it sells but instead purchases it from a third partysupplier who ships the item directly to the customer. The store owner does notsee or handle the product.

For example, a customer buys from the store and makes apayment of Kshs. 1,999. The store owner then forwards the order details andcustomer’s address to the supplier and pays the wholesale price of Kshs. 499and he is left with Kshs. 1,500 as profit. The supplier then ships the itemdirectly to the customer. This model of eCommerce requires less capital tostart, and you only need a laptop and connection to the internet. There aremany resources, such as and Shopify,that can help you get started.

2) Blogging

Blogs are informational websites where writers share theirviews on subjects of their choice. There are many profitable niches one canblog about. Photography, health, fitness, career, fashion, gardening, andfinance are some of the examples. You can monetize your blog by:

i) Placing ads on your site. The ads are informed of CostPer Click (CPC) or CPM (Cost per 1,000 impressions). In the case of CPC, youare paid for the ad-click when readers click on click on them while you will bepaid for the number of people who have viewed your ads in case of CPM. If thisis your preferred method of monetization, you may consider using GoogleAdsense.

ii) Selling private ads and sponsored posts

iii) Affiliate Marketing: In this case, you can blog aboutan advertiser’s product, and they pay you a commission for every sale that camefrom your website. ClickBank is a sure platform for monetizingyour blog with affiliate marketing.

iv) You can sell digital products such as photos, music,apps, online courses, and videos.

v) Sell memberships. For example, if you own a career blog,you can charge Kshs. 1,000 for members to access a private job board.

3) Freelance Web Development, Design, andMaintenance

You got the skills. You have learned HTML and CSS. You havealready trained in PHP. Python and MySQL. You can be your own boss. It ischallenging starting out as a freelancer. You will need to be disciplined andstrict with yourself.

But, the benefits are immense. You can set flexible workinghours, rate of pay, and be your own boss. Also, you choose to work oninteresting projects and have a better life-work balance. Another reason youmay want to consider becoming a freelance developer is there is a huge shortageof developers worldwide, and contract salaries are high.

4) Offer Digital Marketing Services

There are people and individuals willing to pay for yourservices if you have the skills to promote their products and services usingthe internet. Some popular types of digital marketing include:

i) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

ii) Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

iii) Social Media Marketing (SMM)

iv) Email Marketing

v) Online advertising (Google Ads and Facebook Ads)

vi) Influencer Marketing.

If you have a large online following on Facebook, Instagram,and or Twitter, then you can promote other brands’ products and get paid.

5) Launch an informative and entertaining YouTubechannel

With more than 5 billion videos being watched every day,YouTube is the largest video hosting website in the world. It is the secondlargest search engine with a majority of its users coming to be informed andentertained. You can launch your own channel and start monetizing with ads onceyou hit the 1000subs/4000hr of view time.

With every 1000 views, you can make from Kshs. 200-400. Ifyou have 50 videos getting 10,000 views per month, then that would translate toKshs. 100,000 – 200,000 in monetary gains.

6) Record a Podcast

People are getting busier each day and consequently, arelooking for passive ways to consume content. This is the reason podcasts are acraze at the moment, presenting you a great opportunity to build an audienceand generate money. Here are some ways you can monetize your podcasts:

i) Stream it live on YouTube and make money from ads

ii) Find traditional sponsorship (advertisement)

iii) Sell your own products

One of the most successful and popular podcasters is JohnLee Dumas, who makes Kshs. 20M per month from his Entrepreneur On Firepodcast.

7) Write and Sell eBooks

Did you know you can make good money online by packagingyour knowledge into a downloadable Book that helps people start a business,learn a new skill, or even advance their careers?

You can sell your eBook on Amazon. Amazon self-publishinggives you access to their massive audience to sell your book. They will take30% as their fee and leave the remainder for you.

8) Do Graphic Design For Local and Online Businesses

If you have a creative mindset and motivation, you can helpbusinesses create their brands and make money in the process. Tools such asVisme, VennGage, Stencil, and Adobe Illustrator are becoming increasinglyeasy-to-use, and any creative can make money by being a graphic designer forlocal companies. You can also sell your designs on marketplaces such, Dribble, and

9) Sell Stock Photos

Stock photography is the supply of photographs ofcommonplaces, people, landmarks, nature, events, etc. often licensed forspecific uses on a royalty-free basis and can be used and reused for commercialpurposes. Here are five websites you can use to sell your stock photos and makemoney online.

i) Adobe Stock

ii) Fotolia

iii) Shutterstock

iv) iStockphoto

v) Pond5

10) Flipping Websites, Domain Names, and Mobile Apps

There is a thriving online marketplace for selling andbuying of websites, a practice that is also known as flipping. The same is truefor domain names and mobile apps flipping. Websites and mobile apps have becomecritical tools in communication and eCommerce, and people are looking at themmore and more as serious sources of income.

Through flipping, people have sold their valuable apps,websites, and domain names from hundreds of millions to tens of and are some of the platforms you can use to sellyour digital assets. The domain name and mobile apps are also sold on theseplatforms.

Did I miss anything? I would like to know how you personallymake an income online. You can share that in the comment section, add somedetails, and I may add them to this list.


About the Author

My name is John Mwangi Muchiri, an online entrepreneurand eCommerce aficionado.