Don't fall victim to that robbery without violence in the name of showing love.

Seemingly, most women have colluded with florists, confectioners and other related traders and turned a day that was supremely about love into a day to fleece men.

February 14th is a day that many women mark on their calendar with high expectations. They expect gifts and treats from men.

St Valentine’s Day was originally a celebration of love and appreciation for those whom you genuinely love.

Unfortunately, women have turned it into a day when they make all kinds of demands from men in the name of love.

The tragedy about it is that most of them hardly give back. This is not to call out all women, but a staggering majority of them fall into this category.

Folks, it is time for us to give ourselves a reality check and understand that love is not measured in French perfumes, Italian shoes or chocolate covered strawberries or even five star hotels dinners.

Last week, I saw a certain woman’s post on social media about how her boyfriend "better get me this ring for Valentine's Day or else..."

Honestly, you really need to check your priorities if the most important thing to you is what you receive on Valentine's Day.

Why not instead spend your energy planning something to spoil your boyfriend? Why is it so one-sided? When did we as a society decide that Valentine's Day plans fall on the man in the relationship?

Has Valentine’s Day become a one way super highway for money to flow from a man’s wallet straight into her purse?

As if that is not enough, women have helped to perpetrate modern day slavery under the guise of good manners and gentleman-like attitude.

Who said that we must open doors for them? Do we open doors for them when they are going to the bathroom? Do we open fridge doors for them?

When we are not opening doors for them, we are under economic slavery. You can only be a gentleman if you pay the bill after a coffee date or a meal. This is according to whom? Because clearly someone must be mining in one territory and heaving it off to another.

At the political front, they have masterminded the art of receiving on silver platter. In fact, nowadays, they do not wait to receive, they demand.

The well to do moneyed activists howl at the top of their voices under the guise of representing that woman who spends her working days in hot sunshine tilling her land.

As if that is not enough, history is firmly on the men’s side and it will surely judge women harshly. If we are talking about love, men worldwide have lost lives because of it.

St Valentine died because of love, so did Romeo. Samson in the Bible succumbed to love, so did Greek heroes Hercules and Achilles.

Remember the story of Bathsheba and King David. It has proved so enduring that its plot has been borrowed for countless romance novels, movies, and daytime dramas. Women have been scheming against men for far too long.

This modern day slavery that has been ingrained in our daily lives under the guise of culture or any of those politically correct explanations must end.

Guys, stay woke this Friday. Don't fall victim to that robbery without violence in the name of showing love.