She met Marawa on Facebook [Photo: Shutterstock]

A suspected joyrider learnt the hard way that there exist no such thing as free lunch in the concrete jungle that is Nairobi city.

That was after a man she met on Facebook threw her out of his house in the dead of the night for not ‘cooperating’.

Fact that the student only known as Marawe, had spent a considerable amount of his pocket money to treat his new catch, a certain Cate, only for her to turn down his request for sex infuriated him so much that he kicked her out.

Apparently, as a lady, there are a million ways of thanking a man for paying your transport all the way from Nakuru to Nairobi and treating you to a sumptuous meal.

Cate insisted to sleep in jeans trousers [Photo: Shutterstock]

But, if this incident is anything to go by, insisting to sleep in jeans trousers and dismisively mumbling “wacha kunisumbua (stop disturbing me)” is certainly not one of them, as Cate rudely discovered.

Cate and Marawe met online months back and have been flirting and warming up to each other since then. Curious to take the relationship to the next level, Marawe invited the Nakuru-based lady to Nairobi for a weekend treat.

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Marawe said he had fed and entertained her and hinted what the hot date, which was to include a sleepover, was to entail. But she turned down his advances when it was ‘his turn to eat’.

What was expected to be an ‘amorous congress’ quickly spiraled out of control and turned into a noisy, messy, forceful eviction in the middle of the night.

Irked Marawe unceremoniously kicked her out [Photo: Shuttersatock]

Cate’s efforts ‘to return the genie in the bottle’ by promising to cooperate landed on deaf ears, as irked Marawe unceremoniously kicked her out, causing commotion that woke up neighbours.

“She took my kindness for weakness. I blew up a lot of cash from my pocket money on her, and the best way she could say thank you was to get into my bed in jeans and warn me not to disturb her?” scoffed a visibly angry Marawe, as his neigbours jostled to catch the drama.

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Marawe said he had caused a lot of inconvenience to his roommates by sending them on what he called “exile” to give room for his guest. And all she could do in return was to, in his words, “vomit on my shoes”.

“Were all my efforts in vain? The bus fare, movies, food, drinks and all that...for free? Some women will have to get serious in this town. We can’t operate like this in 2020,” loudly scoffed Marawe, as tickled neigbours laughed their heads off, with some sympathising with the poor girl.

Moraa ignored him [Photo: Shutterstock]

Marawe said drama began when he brought up the topic about the big game itself and Moraa ignored him and instead began fidgeting with her phone, chatting away.

“After the movies ended, I began hinting at what was to happen next but she turned uncooperative, claiming she is tired,” said Marawe, adding: “When I told her she was not here for Bible studies, she fumed and got into bed fully dressed, saying that the visit was purely on friend to friend basis.”

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While some neigbours slammed the woman, saying it served her right for her ingratitude, others sided with her and even gave her a place to sleep before she left early the following day.

“It feels good when a member of Team Mafisi meets his match. Just because you have invited a woman to Nairobi and entertained her doesn’t mean she must let you raid her cookie jar. He should be ashamed of himself,” hissed a neighbour who took the woman in.