The invite-only wedding ceremony was conducted in Nairobi.

The wife of a renowned city lawyer is one very furious woman.  This is after the famous advocate secretly married a second wife over the weekend. 

The invite-only wedding ceremony was conducted in Nairobi, where the lawyer exchange vows with his new spouse, said to be a university student. 

Sources have told The Grapevine that the first wife was miffed, that he did not bother to inform and consult her over his move as stipulated by their culture and religion.

She wondered why her husband chose to keep her on the dark regarding his decision to get another wife.

Elsewhere, an outspoken Cabinet Secretary is the newest dad in town. 

The CS’s spouse a few days ago delivered a bouncing baby girl, months after keeping social media users abreast with every development in her life after falling pregnant.  

The beauty queen has been posting pictures of her baby bump on social media since the first trimester.

The lady who quit her public service career to be on her husband’s side surprised many with the daily updates.

The delivery of the baby appears to have now ended the posts.