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A governor could be churning up weird policies at the behest of his daughter, PowerPlay has learnt.

The county chief who consults more with his daughter and wife than he does with his Cabinet appears to have delegated county policy affairs to his lil girl.

A recent announcement that millions of shillings have been set aside to treat pet animals, yet nurses are on strike, is said to have emanated from the daughter whose love for pets is unrivalled.

“It is tricky as the daughter wants to know every activity taking place in all the departments,” said a source.

“She is always out of the country on dubious trips, but still prefects the county.”

Kiswahili si mdomo chetu, MPs cry

Several legislators from one part of Kenya are unhappy with the use of Kiswahili in Parliament, claiming it affects their contribution on key issues in the House.

The legislators, whose Kiswahili ni ile ya kuomba maji, are forced to fiddle with their phones, take a nap or leave the chambers altogether during Kiswahili sessions.

One of the legislators is blaming their colleagues from some region for using the language merely to alienate them from debates.

“We know people who fear The Queen’s language are using Kiswahili to bulldoze some of us into silence,” he said.

One first-time MP is notorious for his formal Kiswahili, which the MPs claim is meant to “scare and gag them.”

There is however little they can do because parliamentary rules state that when an MP sponsors a bill in Kiswahili, other members must follow suit.