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Detectives who raided a senior politician’s office got the shock of their lives when they bumped into a heap of used condoms, fuelling rumours that the man has turned his office into a fornication chamber.

Sources tell PowerPlay that the politician is a serial chewer who is always in the company of a woman whenever he visits his office in the evening.

“He ‘downloads’ young women from far and wide and brings them here. It is normal. When he is around, they flock here like flies,” said the source.


Male comrades are accusing a sitting MP of frequenting their campus in black cars in the evenings to pick female students at a city university.

They say the politician has been frequenting the college on a weekly basis on Fridays.

They now want him to stop eating baby ‘chicks’ and instead go for mature ‘layers’ who have cleared university.

“At first, I thought he was dropping maybe a relative, but it became routine, meaning someone’s daughter was being drilled for ‘geothermal power,’” one of the male students told PowerPlay.

The comrades said they don’t go out of campus to look for politician’s wives, hence politicians should equally return the favour or those who frequent colleges with big cars will meet unspecified action.