Eric Omondi in New York

Comedian and entertainer Eric Omondi is in Manhattan, New York city where he seems to be making summer trips to since last year.

During his 3-day trip in the city, he disguised himself as a traditional medicine man and the locals fell for it.

In his lanky form, Eric is seen in loin clothes, performing stunts, and dishing “medicine” to the locals who were amused by his act.

Alongside a video he posted on his IG he said, “So I went to New York City disguised as an African Traditional Medicine man (Witch Doctor) A few minutes after set up. Business was booming.”

Later that evening he was part of the audience at Seth Meyers NBC’s show where he was recognized and given 30 seconds to show his skills.

Since 2016, the comedian has been making yearly trips to New York as part of his tour creating a name for himself.


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